Saturday, February 26, 2011

More Characters: Ross

The fellow with the curly hair is Ross. Ross was Pud's sidekick, Kato to Pud's Green Hornet, Robin to Pud's Batman. The two of them would be found chatting in the hall, doing problem sets or perhaps playing ping-pong together.
Ross was also the sophomore with the "sophomore single".
Unlike Charlie the Tuna, Ross did not have a double lip. And Ross was probably a solid "B" student, but it was not without some effort.
Maybe that was because unfortunate things had a way of happening to him.
In many ways, Ross was an Everyman. Upon graduation, Ross would probably find himself in a cubicle at a large high-technology firm, serving as a mid-level engineer. And he'd have a house in the suburbs with a garage and a deck - where he and Pud would crack open a couple of cold ones and reminisce about their days at MIT...when their wives weren't asking them to take out the trash.

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