Saturday, February 5, 2011

Epic Fail

It's happened to each of us. We've failed a test or an exam. Afterwards, we dust ourselves off and soldier on.
Incidentally, 18.03 is a sophomore year mathematics class, Differential Equations. This is what differentiates between the men and the boys. Later, I would find out that much of what we do in the realm of planning, designing and constructing airports does not require higher-order mathematics beyond basic calculus. But if you want to make it at Enron or AIG, this is what you have to know (courses in ethics are optional).

Incidentally, MIT in our day allowed students to drop a course within six weeks after the beginning of the semester. Usually, by then it was possible to tell if you were destined for greatness or going to bite royally. There would be at least one test or a couple of problem sets from which to divine the future. But occasionally...

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