Monday, May 23, 2011

The Barely Brothers Band

It is said that the legend of the Baskir Musicians is strong. It was also said of my family that when we were still young and in school, one brother (me) played the flute, another brother played the piano and the third brother played the stereo. My youngest brother would develop quite a CD collection once he got out into the working world and settled in North Carolina, and his son would learn to play bass and join a band. If you happen to be in the Massachusetts Berkshires, near Hampshire College, you might eventually run into these guys. They are the Barely Brothers Band - at the far left, Sam Baskir: center, Ian Schenholm; near right Daniel Peck; and far right, Nick Anschuetz. Also in the picture is Scott Murawski of Max Creek and the Mike Gordon Band.

The Barely Brothers Band has been turning out some good music recently, and some of it can now be found online. These songs were recorded at Snowzees a year ago but are just now available:

Wolfman's Brother

Bathtub Gin

Just a reminder - this is the Stickles music tradition:

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