Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What Would Stickles Look Like Now?

I realize it has been many moons since I've tried drawing a cartoon, and I've never attempted Stickles using a computer-based drawing tool. I say that knowing some of you remember the cartoon I drew back in 1998 for the 20th Reunion of the Class of '78. That particular cartoon was drawn using drafting software known as MicroStation, which is sort of like trying to shoot a fly with a blunderbuss. After that 1998 reunion, I was inspired to draw some one-panel strips, which now reside on a defunct computer somewhere in my basement (doesn't every discarded item in the world end up in a basement somewhere?). Those strips were sent to places like the New Yorker, which sent back a polite "thanks, but no thanks" letter. One of them did get published in a religious satire magazine which was somehow associated with John Bloom, the man behind Joe Bob Briggs, Drive-In Movie Critic and "God Stuff" (an old Daily Show feature, back when Craig Kilborn was the host). It was worth about $75 to me.

Anyway, here is the fruit of my labor. You may recognize it as a current-day beer commercial that's been getting a lot of airplay on Comedy Central and other youth-oriented television networks.
One thing I like about PC Paint is its ability to copy and paste, which allows me to cheat. You'll notice three of the panels look alike. I've never denied being lazy.

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