Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hackito Ergo Sum

When MIT students were not thrown things off the campus rooftops, they were generally putting things on the roof.  Things that generally didn't belong there.  It was with some frequency that the Dome over Building 7 would have something placed on it - such as police cars ("One Adam 12, One Adam 12, please investigate a suspicious vehicle...") or phone booths.  One morning, a gigantic pair of eyes was seen peering over Mass. Ave.; someone had covered the entire dome with a tarp.  I figured something else would fit just as well on that dome...
...and that was the first Stickles cartoon the Class of 1981 saw in print.

There have been a great many hacks (pranks, for the uninitiated) perpetrated by MIT students over the decades.  Many of them were germinated by the offbeat geniuses of Third East, East Campus.  Baker House and Bexley Hall have also perpetrated their share.  Stickles did not delve into hacks all that much, which is just as well - truth is always better than fiction.  And we will return that cannon to the nice folks from Cal Tech - for a price...

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