Sunday, January 16, 2011

Politically Dreck

The year is 1976.  We are two years removed from Richard Nixon's resignation as president and within the last four months of the administration of Gerald Ford, the accidental president.  It is the Bicentennial Anniversary of the birth of the United States, and political ferment abounded - especially under the Great Dome of Building 10.  The Marketplace of Ideas was humming with the kind of activity usually reserved for a souq in Marrakech, and most of it was of the fringe variety (the fringes frequently being threadbare).  I had plenty of exposure to Marxist thought at times - it was right next door to my room in Bemis and occasionally came over to buy a Coke off of me.  At other times, I could listen to the representatives of Lyndon LaRouche (how could I avoid it?  One of them actually followed me from Building 10 to the steps of the Student Center before I was able to wave him off).  I had actually tried my own hand at politics a couple of times earlier in the year - having engaged in an energetic if futile effort to convince the campus that Senator Fred Harris of Oklahoma deserved to be President of the United States. I then campaigned for Ugliest Man on Campus...and came in tenth.

So here's to the Infinite Corridor, and that oasis of political advocacy that was Lobby 10.  If nothing else, it had a great view of the Great Court - and the Charles River.

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