Monday, January 17, 2011

Plumbing the Depths

You had to love Physical Plant.  After all, they carried pipe wrenches and a bad attitude.  And they were the ones tasked with repainting Transparent Horizons its basic black after the art students of East Campus had decorated it with paintballs.  But Physical Plant was never known for its services (even though they belonged to the Service Employees' union).  When they went on strike in 1976, no one in East Campus could tell the difference (although my Socialist neighbor helpfully tried to show solidarity with their cause by emptying the trash cans of the Infinite Corridor onto the floor).  But if you ever needed them to respond to an emergency, they were always Johnny-on-the-spot.
And you never knew when they would show up.
This is actually based on a true story (well, except for the spraying for roaches part; everyone knew the roaches were immune and bred faster than any topical roach treatment could kill them).  In fact, it is now possible to have cleaning people barge into your room while you're in the shower at some of the leading hotels in the world.

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