Monday, January 10, 2011

Witty, Urbane and Apropos

Some time in 1983, MIT reached the inflection point and actually passed both Sarah Lawrence and Bennington to become the most expensive school in the country.  The event was commemorated in Stickles.
Ordinarily, this strip would have passed into the archives without a second mention.  But I had a fan at the MIT News Office who took a shine to the cartoon and decided to write to me about it...
And in our family, the phrase "witty, urbane and apropos" has entered into the lexicon in the same way that "gleeks" has been popularized among theater majors.

Over the years, I collected a fair amount of fan mail, mostly because the late Houston Post used to attach home addresses to the names of those who wrote letters to the editor.  For a time, I was a regular Laszlo Toth.  I plan to share some of the more interesting missives at a later date.

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